Case Study – GSK

The Project:

GSK UK headquarters had explored large format, showstopping pieces in their new brand identity and the Upper Providence Campus wanted to do the same.

The Challenge:

The Upper Providence main lobby is a large, open space. We wanted to fill a portion of the entrance area with a showstopper piece that also proudly displayed the new brand. The idea of creating a large back lit logo that could be a photo opportunity as well as a landmark in the lobby was born, but the challenge was to find a local vendor that could produce a high-quality product up to our specifications. Something similar was done in the UK, but the specs and application was not able to be recreated exactly. Our team had to do some problem solving and find the right production partner for this project.

The Strategy and Creative Solution:

After several interviews, the designers and project managers at Fiore Design teamed up with Pro Signs of Downingtown. Pro Signs had expertise in large sign manufacturing and ability to match the GSK brand gradient. Initial concept drawings were created for 6’ tall GSK letters that would stand on their own in the lobby. The letters would be internally lit with LED bulbs and it would be anchored into the floor with 3” screws and hooked into an outlet.

Fiore Design made several visits during production to monitor progress. Because there are so many variables that come into play, we checked lighting in the light room at Pro Signs as well as brought a small prototype to the actual location to make sure it was just right. We also had a gradient color review and several build reviews as well. The GSK letters were all created singularly and delivered to the site on a flat-bed truck. They were carried into the lobby and installed. Fiore Design was onsite every step of the way.

The Result

In no time the installation has become a popular selfie site for the 3,000 employees and visitors to the campus, which is the largest US-based site for GSK in North America.