Case Study – Ronald McDonald House of Delaware

The Project:

A yearly initiative for the house, the Adopt a Room program allows individuals and companies to sponsor a guest room. These donations provide much needed funds for the House and it’s programs. Legacy Donors are those who pledge some or all of their estate to the House. They needed a unique way to recognize their generosity on a yearly basis without having a large yearly bill.

The Challenge:

Back in 2014, the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware came to us in need of a two-part design solution: One, create a donor recognition wall for Adopt a Room donors and two, a recognition wall for Legacy Donors. Our solutions would need to be a cohesive unit, yet still recognized as two separate fundraising campaigns. As the content is updated regularly, the client also requested that the solution be easy for them to change with minimal effort.


The Strategy and Creative Solution:

To recognize estate donors, vinyl die cut leaves are placed on a tree and when those gifts are realized, the names are carried by birds on banners. The use of plexi substrate makes it easy for the client to update yearly content with vinyl overlays. The illustration used is welcoming to children while being sophisticated in content. Coordinating room signs were also produced to carry the theme throughout the House. As the years have gone on the tree has become bountiful through generosity.


The Result:

This mural has been updated each year since 2014 with a minimal annual cost and has worked extremely well for the House as a way to recognize and show their gratitude towards their generous donors. The mural continues to be a featured wall in the house.