Audacy (Formerly Entercom)

The Project:

Entercom is an integrated marketing company that owns radio stations across the country. In 2019, they combined a few different office locations throughout the city of Philadelphia into one central office.

The Challenge:

The new office is a state-of-the art hub of broadcasting and marketing solutions, but was a blank slate. Entercom needed to add their brand personalities and Philly flair into the space.

The Strategy and Creative Solution:

Fiore Design provided large format graphics to add personality and Entercom’s brand to their new office space. Using the city of Philadelphia itself as inspiration, we created custom fabric SEGs, column wraps, vinyl wall wraps and showstopper mixed media graphics to enhance the space with a Philly flair. We made sure to keep the client brand and radio themes front and center. Among the graphics were several custom skyline creations in the style of radio sound waves. These pieces were done in various color combinations and show different city locations. We also added in easter eggs of famous sports mascots and recognizable Philly icons like the Phillie Phanatic and the LOVE statue.

Lingo from the KYW newsradio traffic reports mark the vinyl wall wrap outside the traffic center—anyone from the Philadelphia-area would recognize the phrases used as common traffic hot spots. A few 3D elements made sure the station logo stood out.

Each studio has custom SEG backdrops so each station’s brand is proudly displayed for photo ops with guests and visiting celebrities.

There are structural columns in the open office space that provided a branding opportunity to create showstopper pieces using the Entercom “E” and “R”. We worked with our fabricator to create unique plexiglass pieces that wrap around the column and are attached by standoffs for a 3-D effect. Another structural support column was wrapped in vinyl with Philly vernacular along with zip codes that are important to the station’s market.

The Result:

Our goal was to make moments in the office – areas people would want to stop and snap a selfie, and say, “that’s cool!” Mission accomplished, as this project won an American Graphic Design award from Graphic Design USA. The client testimony also speaks for itself!

Client Testimony:

“We had discussions about what we hoped to achieve and literally after one meeting, Fiore had the pulse of our dynamic radio stations. They came back with a ton of creative ideas to choose from. Our management team met and we narrowed down and agreed upon. They handled our radio studios and office spaces. My favorite parts are the columns throughout the office. We used columns since there isn’t much wall space (open floor plan and lots of windows). We used each space perfectly and the look at the feel of every space is unique and eye catching. They used our logos in creative ways and everyone who comes through remarks how everything was well thought out and has a reason behind it. I love what we did together. I would work with Fiore Design over and over. Amazing!”