Case Study – Canine Partners for Life

The Project:

We began our relationship with Canine Partners for Life through an RFP for a recognition wall to thank donors for contributing to their capital campaign. Excited to be awarded the project, we began working on concepts.

The Challenge:

Like any new client we work with, our first step with Canine Partners for Life was to immerse ourselves in the brand – what connects the brand to their desired audience? What assets are available? Are there ways we can further develop the brand and create memorable moments?

The Strategy and Creative Solution:

Canine Partners for Life had an established logo and a shade of blue. We wanted to see Canine Partners for Life thrive with an identity that would make them easily recognizable in the service canine community and in the Delaware Valley as a whole. We expanded their identity to reflect their personality and their mission before we dove into the recognition wall we were initially hired to create.

Because we wanted to create a recognition wall where visitors could connect with Canine Partners for Life’s mission, we developed a brand color palette and style. We found complimentary shades of purple, green, yellow and orange that we used to highlight success stories of individuals with their companion animals. The colors reflect back to the mission that Canine Partners for Life represents – optimism, vitality, spiritualism, and energy.

As the original RFP project was moving along, other needs around the Canine Partners for Life campus became apparent. Using the new color palette, we created a way finding system including three new monument signs for campus buildings, a main monument sign, street signs, and interior signage. Additionally, we created a second recognition wall to thank Independence Society donors. As with the capital campaign recognition wall, the Independence Society wall was designed so that it is easy to update by Canine Partners for Life annually at a minimal cost by printing new donor lists to be inserted in the snap frames.

The Result:

What makes our work with Canine Partners for Life so successful is that we became a partner to Canine Partners for Life instead of just a business vendor performing tasks. Because of this partnership, we were able to see a need beyond the original RFP and we delivered a more robust brand while satisfying additional needs beyond the original scope of the project.

Client Testimony:

“Fiore Design is an incredible team of creative professionals who are true visionaries. They carefully handle every step of the process, are always two steps ahead thinking of things I would not have thought of, and always incorporates my organization’s mission in the pieces they create. Karen, Ali, and the rest of the team are some of the best designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thank you!”
-Daniel P. Condoluci-Smith