Canine Partners for Life

Cochranville, PA

The Challenge:

Create a recognition wall to thank Independence Society Donors that can be easily updated each year in a cost-effective manner as well as outdoor signage and wayfinding to direct visitors around the campus.

The Creative Solution:

We added a die-cut of a paw print as a background to a signature blue wall, adding whimsy and dimension to the space. These elements, along with the header and footer statements, anchor the frames that hold the donor names. To keep the wall cost-effective to update, all Canine Partners for Life has to do is replace the donor lists inside the snap frames with the new information.

Outdoor signage with icons in a similar style identify the different buildings on Canine Partners for Life’s campus.

The mission of Canine Partners For Life is to increase the independence and quality of life of individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities or who are in other situations of need.