Agency Work/Life Balance

When you are coming out of college directly into a corporate setting like I did, it is definitely easy to see how there is a chance for burnout. Most of us recent grads get the first job that comes at us, instead of a job we dream of, because it builds our resumes. However, you tend to blend in to the rest of the work and it almost seems like you are forced into an uninteresting routine.

The Truth About being a Mentor/Mentee in the Design Industry

In our line of work there can never be “too much” knowledge. The design world is constantly changing, providing our designers with immense opportunity to perfect their craft. A hands-on mentorship program with full-time employed adults?  The experiences will vary considering each individual’s career, personal life and time management skills. Our designers, Brianna and Karla, both took separate parts in AIGA’s 2017 mentorship program. Brianna, as a mentee and Karla, as a mentor. 

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