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Creative Process

By May 19, 2020March 15th, 2022Views

We just won a Communicator Award for the work we did for Main Line United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Last April, we shared on our social channels the process for this project. We thought it would be fun to revisit now that the work has been recognized as one of the best of the year.

Our first step in the creative process doesn’t begin with any design programs. We gather any information and assets the client has given us and we get our pencils and note books out and do some old fashioned sketching. Sketching is an easy way to weed out ideas that may sound #genius in your head, but don’t really work when putting pen to paper.

After our internal concept design review, designers begin translating their sketches to rough digital layouts. We’ll have another review prior to sharing with the client!

Our large format projects allow us to explore different substrates and materials. We have valued partners who collaborate with us on the best way to achieve our desired effect – whether the substrate is metal, dense foam, or plexiglass just to name a few.

Our client was having a hard time visualizing the scale of this project, so we had a site visit to tape up the size of each graphic on the wall. They could then see exactly how big each graphic was going to be.

It’s finally install day!

It’s always satisfying to see your hard work come to life!