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10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

By March 15, 2022September 21st, 2022Views

Karen has spent a lot of time connecting with business owners and a common thread has emerged – people don’t know what they don’t know about hiring a graphic designer.

Wanna know what makes me crazy? It’s when I talk with business owners after they have hired someone to either do their logo, packaging or marketing materials and it is painfully obvious that did not get the experience or results that a good design team would provide.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other great, detailed and creative agencies out there. However, it appears that there are also plenty of graphic design agencies or online resources that leave clients without guidance or the correct design resources to move forward. So here are a few tips as you pursue your graphic design search.

  1. Designing your logo should start with strategy. There needs to be a why and a vision that will drive the creative. A logo with no purpose, no matter how cool will not be effective.
  2. Know what you are buying. How many concepts and revisions rounds are included in the estimated cost?
  3. When designing a new logo, you should be given at least three or more comprehensive options and may require more than one review round. After all, this represents your business and needs to speak to your audience.
  4. Packaging design concepts should be presented with the end display in mind. Will this be on a shelf or in an airscreen and what will be next to your product? This all matters! Seeing the design the reflects the big picture is key.
  5. No matter the design project, concepts are important. Giving clients a thoughtful choice just makes sense. It helps guide the decision and gives visuals to ideas that were discussed.
  6. Revisions are ok. The reason for upfront concepts is to have a client be able to think again about what they see and feel and if it truly represents their business. Feedback is important for the next round of concepts or for fine-tuning a selected concept.
  7. You should never need to art direct your designer. You can and should give your thoughts, but design options should be presented to you.
  8. Know the timing each step will take and know what to expect as an end product. Key milestone dates should be discussed up-front so the client and designer have clear project goals and expectations.
  9. Finally you should feel listened to and that you have hired a design partner that wants to help move your business forward.
  10. Of course, you should consult with Fiore Design.

Best of luck with your next design project. Contact Fiore Design so we can help you realize your vision.